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Golden Globes 2016: Mad Men’s Jon Hamm wins Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Mad Men may have played out its final Coke ad months ago, but tonight Jon Hamm got some recognition in the form of a Golden Globe for his role as Don Draper. Hamm has been nominated in the category several times before, but this is only his second year taking home an award for it. Hamm's acceptance speech was as linguistically economic as one you might expect from Draper: he thanked everyone briefly, made a Chumbawumba joke, and exited the stage. This win could be proof the Hollywood Foreign Press Association really liked Mad Men's trippy final season, or they realized it was their last chance to recognize Hamm's portrayal of one of the most popular anti-heroes in recent memory.

Correction, 10:39PM ET: An earlier version of this article stated this was Hamm's first Golden Globe win. It was, in fact, his second.