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The beautiful Buick Avista may have already won the Detroit Auto Show

First, a disclaimer: this isn't a real car — yet. But Buick is extraordinarily stupid if it doesn't put the Avista (or something very close to it) into production.

The Avista is a swoopy 2+2 coupe (meaning it has two vestigial rear seats, but is mainly designed for two adult passengers) that debuted at the North American International Auto Show this evening, incorporating the Chevy Camaro's platform into a very, very different design language. The rear-wheel drive concept is powered by a 400-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 that would probably motivate it very well, assuming it ends up on the production line.

The Avista is less about the drivetrain, though, and more about the looks: it's stunning from every angle. Assuming a real version didn't stray too far from the concept — and there's nothing too extreme here that couldn't be brought to a real car, honestly — it could instantly be one of the best-looking cars in GM's entire lineup.

And yes, it'd take a while to make it real, but remember: the Bolt went from concept to drivable production prototype in just a single year.

Make it happen, Buick.


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