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Three CES wearables that actually aren't ugly

Three CES wearables that actually aren't ugly


Racked's style editor gut-checks us

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The new wearable announcements at CES this year were underwhelming, but some of them at least looked better than others we've seen. So I asked Nicola Fumo, the style editor of Vox Media website Racked, to join me on the CES show floor to point out at least three wearables she considers not ugly.

Interestingly, none of Nicola's top picks were smartwatches. The ones that were aesthetically-worthy were all some version of an activity tracker disguised as a bracelet, while most of the new smartwatches we saw were bulky, with limited battery life and the same third-party app platforms we saw in 2015. Which maybe only goes to show that it's still a real challenge for companies to get quality design, capable software, and a compelling app experience all packaged into the same wearable product. Check out the video above to see what we came up with.