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Night into daytime: behind the scenes at CES 2016

After a year off (caused, it must be admitted, by an intense argument over the merits of converting color images to black and white), we're back with another round of Verge behind-the-scenes photos from CES. Every year, everybody asks us what it's like to cover the show from our trailer and every year, we reply that it's horrible. But it's also wonderful, because of the intrepid reporters, editors, video directors, and support staff you see below.

The computer monitors, Emergen-C and camera gear has been packed away, the trailer has been cleared out and we (well, most of us) are home. Another CES has come and gone. We produced more videos than ever before and brought you reports and analysis of the best, strange or most unexpected products and news of our industry. The stellar staff of The Verge came to Vegas to report on the biggest news in tech and after six days we can rest assured that we did just that. Here's a look behind the scenes at what it takes to cover CES.

See all of our CES 2016 news right here!

See you next year!

All photography by Amelia Krales, unless otherwise noted. Terrible captions by Dieter Bohn.


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