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The Bevel Trimmer promises a sharper, cleaner haircut for people of color

The Bevel Trimmer promises a sharper, cleaner haircut for people of color

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Walker & Company

When it comes to style, getting edged up (or having sharp lines shaved into the edges of a haircut) can be incredibly important for people with coarse hair — and particularly for people of color. It's that last bit of detail that makes a new cut look correct. The unfortunate thing is that the trimmers needed for this one aspect of haircutting can be both ugly and filthy. Walker & Company, the startup behind the Bevel shaving kit, went ahead and designed a new kind of trimmer that's meant to be cleaner and easier to use at home and at the barbershop.

"I’ve been using the same kinds of trimmers for the last 15 years, and I hate every one of them," Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company, told The Verge. "You go to any kind of barbershop. The barbers are really using the same trimmers every other barber is using. We set out to make what we believe is the most advanced trimmer on the planet."

"We set out to make the most advanced trimmer on the planet."

The sleek new Bevel Trimmer spent a year in development, and is designed around power, comfort, and cleanliness. The device is ergonomic, allowing its owner to shave with improved precision. It also comes with water- and oil-resistant blades that are easily adjusted and replaced. That's key; dirty blades carry bacteria that can lead to razor bumps and irritation. Finally, the Trimmer works both plugged and unplugged, and has four hours of battery life.

The Bevel Trimmer is Walker & Company's second major product after the original Bevel, which aimed to improve shaving for men and women of color. Since it launched in early 2014, the product's popularity has only grown; though the company doesn't release sales figures, Walker claims 95 percent of its customers come back. That enthusiasm led to a $24 million round of funding last fall, as well as a deal to sell the kit in select Target stores.

And thanks to the brand recognition, the company now has Nas as its brand ambassador:

Walker & Company isn't done releasing new products this year. The startup plans on launching several over the course of 2016, including a line developed expressly for women. The Bevel Trimmer is now available for preorder for $179.95, and will hit stores this spring.