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Frank Underwood addresses the nation in first teaser for House of Cards' fourth season

The United States is gearing up for its next presidential race, and there's only one choice for the job — Frank Underwood. The sneaky, slimy, and downright scary Underwood, played with relish by Kevin Spacey, is coming back for the fourth season of Netflix's flagship original, House of Cards, and he's seeking re-election. To that end, he's appeared on a short teaser trailer for the series ahead, dressed up like a presidential address.

The clip, which aired during tonight's Golden Globe awards, cuts back and forth between Frank promising a better future for the country at his hands, with snapshots of exactly the kind of mayhem those hands have wrought. He might promise a caring presidency, but Underwood's campaign hashtag has it a little closer to the truth — #FU2016. The show will arrive on Netflix on March 4th this year, right as the real-world presidential candidates make their move for power.