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Apple is reportedly making it easier to switch from iOS to Android (update)

Company agrees to develop data transfer tool under pressure from European telecoms, report says

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Apple is developing a tool that would make it easier for users to transfer their data from iPhones to Android devices, according to a report from The Telegraph. Citing a "senior industry source," the paper reports that Apple has agreed to develop the tool under mounting pressure from European mobile operators, who have complained that iPhone users rarely switch to new platforms, in part because there's no easy way to export their data from iOS. The telecoms say that weakens their position in negotiations with Apple.

The Telegraph report does not mention a release date for the tool, and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In September, the company released a Move to iOS app that allows Android users to transfer their data to Apple's ecosystem. On an October quarterly earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook said that 30 percent of new iPhone users came to the platform from Android in Q4 2015, the highest rate the company has ever seen.

It's unclear whether European telecoms have threatened legal action over Apple's competitive practices. The European Commission opened an inquiry into the company's contracts with European wireless operators in 2013, though a full investigation was never launched.

Update, 4:30PM ET January 11th: Apple has officially denied this rumor, saying that there is "no truth" to claims it's making an iOS to Android migration tool.