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I'm convinced President Obama is running the White House's new Snapchat account

I'm convinced President Obama is running the White House's new Snapchat account

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The White House (username: whitehouse) has a Snapchat account. A video link between the leader of our nation and the populace could be great news, offering us unfettered access and transparency to the machinations of our government from its highest office. Of course, it's not that. The first post — set in the Oval Office, no less — features a bowl of apples.

I believe we are witnessing history, no less. This snap is the moment in which the president of the United States, I speculate, had shed his countless social media surrogates to speak directly people. A lingering video of apples is all the proof I need.

White House Snapchat

Apples! A bowl of apples! This isn't the work of a social media expert; this is what happens when you download a new social media app, and you're like, "Oh crud, what am I going to share?" And then you spend a half-hour overthinking it, until you're exhausted, and you're like, "Whatever, I'll just post a video of my breakfast. This sucks."

I believe this snap leaves us two options as to who's managing the White House's account: President Obama or my dad.

Now, to be fair, my dad is a pretty likely option. You'll notice the showy use of digital zoom paired with the gradual tilt of the camera. That's a classic example of Dad's Spielbergian home video craft. Yet, I'm unconvinced that my Dad filmed this snap for two reasons.

1. He doesn't typically eat apples.

2. He doesn't live in the White House.

But hey, teach the debate. I'm hosting a poll that will let the people decide.


Who runs the White House's Snapchat account?

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  • 59%
    President Obama
    (4718 votes)
  • 41%
    My dad
    (3237 votes)
7955 votes total