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HBO orders a comedy pilot starring Bill Hader as a bumbling hitman

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

HBO has ordered a pilot for a half-hour comedy called Barry, written by and starring Bill Hader, Deadline reports. Silicon Valley executive producer Alec Berg, who co-wrote the pilot with Hader, will also share production duties. Barry will star Hader as a bumbling hitman who travels to Los Angeles with the intention of murdering someone, and instead befriends a group of friendly wannabe actors. Maybe it's like if Fargo took place at a party catered by Party Down.

Back in 2014 Deadline reported that Hader had signed a deal with HBO to create and star in a comedy series, and Barry is the result of that deal. HBO often orders pilots that never make it to series, but with Hader and Berg attached to it, Barry is worth keeping an eye on.