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The next Apple Watch update will let you pair multiple watches with one iPhone

The next Apple Watch update will let you pair multiple watches with one iPhone


So you can pair both your 'old' Apple Watch and a theoretical new one?

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Apple released the next version of its Apple Watch software to developers today, and included updates for things like Maps and multiple watch support.

With watchOS 2.2, the Maps app in the Glances section of the watch will run searches, show quick directions, and highlight local points of interest. Apple is calling this last feature "Nearby," and tapping on it will show sub-categories like Food, Drinks, Shopping, Travel, and Health, a kind of mini-Foursquare built into the watch. WatchOS 2.2 also lets developers create more detailed workout summaries in the apps. So a workout summary on the watch can now include "active energy burned," the amount of time spent exercising, and total stand hours earned. These updates will apply to both third-party watch apps and Apple's own Workout and Health apps.

The last but most interesting part of the watchOS 2.2 update is that it will let users pair more than one Apple Watch with a single iPhone. First-world problem, you might say, for those who have more than one Apple Watch now, but if and when Apple puts out a new version of Apple Watch hardware, support for more than one watch (say, a sport version and a daily wear watch) could be useful.

Note that right now, this software update is only available to developers. Apple hasn't said when this software will roll out to consumers, and doesn't have a public beta program for the watch (unlike iOS). When watchOS 2.2 is released to consumers, it will pair with an iPhone running the new iOS 9.3 software.