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Apple finally put together a full list of cars with CarPlay

Apple finally put together a full list of cars with CarPlay

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Apple's CarPlay made a splash at CES last week, with auto makers like Ford, Chrysler, and Volkswagen incorporating the sleek iOS-like infotainment interface into some of the show's biggest press conferences. With CarPlay expanding throughout the automotive industry, Apple has finally launched a dedicated website to track which car makes and models now support the standard.

CarPlay, unveiled at Apple's WWDC conference in June 2015, lets you plug your iPhone into your car and control entertainment and communication features through the vehicle's central display. It's now available in over 100 models from 21 brands, all of which Apple says either have a model supporting CarPlay available now or on the way this year. Older vehicles can also be retrofitted with audio systems supporting CarPlay.

CarPlay is available in more than 100 models from 21 car makers

The software has a lot of room for improvement. The iOS 9.3 update, out today, brought some new features to CarPlay, like the ability to use the "Nearby" function in Apple Maps to search for friends while driving, but CarPlay still only works by plugging in your iPhone and not over Bluetooth. Apple reportedly nixed a Volkswagen demonstration of wireless CarPlay at CES last week, perhaps because the company wants to show it off some time later this year.