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The Genesis G90 is the first car from Hyundai's new luxury brand

We'll get six Genesis models by 2020

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Hyundai's been making Genesis-branded cars for a while now, but today it announced the G90 — the first car under the Genesis name since it split off as its own luxury line.

The G90 luxury sedan comes in two different flavors: the high end is a direct-injected 5.0-liter V8 that should be capable of putting out 420 horsepower, while the low end features a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6. They'll come rear-wheel drive, but both will have all-wheel drive options.

To fill out the luxury look and feel, Genesis has put an adaptive multi-link suspension inside the G90 along with tons of amenities like power seats and speakers in the back. The stout, full-size sedan has a long hood and a drivers seat that sits almost near the midway point of the car, evoking the Chrysler 300M or even BMW's largest cars.

We didn't just learn about the G90 today, though. Genesis plans to release six different cars by 2020, and we even know what the next two of those will be. The G80 will be a slightly smaller executive sedan, while the G70 will be a sports sedan. Those and the rest of the Genesis line will all come standard with a rear-wheel drive engine. Genesis says that operating as a separate marque will allow this line of cars to utilize exclusive powertrains and tech, and they'll also all share the same design language.

Genesis G90 at the Detroit Auto Show