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Vertu slapped a Bentley logo on a mediocre Android phone and called it new


Do you own a Bentley? Do you also enjoy spending over $9,000 on subpar Android phones? Well if you're a member of this group that undoubtedly (probably) includes Adrian Grenier and Bret Michaels, Bentley and Vertu have joined together to rebrand an existing a phone just for you.

The Signature Touch for Bentley is the latest phone from luxury phone maker Vertu, and the third handset in the Bentley-Vertu partnership. If you're thinking, is this the same Signature Touch phone that came out last September? Why yes! You would be correct. BUT! There is a "3D Bentley logo" on there, and Bentley promises to deliver exclusive content through a unique Bentley app that will seemingly be exclusive to the device.

Yes, that $200,000+ you spent on that fine British automobile is simply not enough money to get exclusive content. With prices starting at $9,000 for the cheapest Signature Touch from Vertu, you can bet that the Bentley edition will easily stretch into the five figures for a phone running Android 5.1 and only works on AT&T and T-Mobile. But then again it does come with Beluga leather!