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The internet is ruling Bernie Sanders' campaign, and it's making him a lot of money

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Bernie Sanders doesn't need a financial fundraising team. Instead, he's got internet supporters. The Daily Beast reports that the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign brought in about $73 million during 2015, $33 million of which was raised during the last three months of the year. All this money came from "digital grassroots media," Symone Sanders, a spokeswoman for the campaign told The Daily Beast. This could include emails to supporters and links on Facebook. Other campaigns rely on both a full fundraising and digital strategy team, but Sanders has no one dedicated to fundraising. Instead, his digital and data teams work together to bring in smaller donations, as opposed to large sums from big-time donors or super-PAC supporters.

Nearly all who contribute to the senator’s campaign donate less than the legal limit of $2,700. His fundraising emails typically ask for no more than $100. In contrast, Hillary Clinton sells seats to big fundraising dinners for possibly more than $5,000 apiece. She raised $37 million for the primary election during the last three months of the year — only a $4 million difference from Bernie — despite having more than 30 financial team staffers. While she and other candidates are betting on conventional fundraising measures, Sanders is putting his weight behind the power of the internet.