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Catastrophe's second season will arrive on Amazon April 8th

The second season of Catastrophe, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan's half-hour comedy about a one-night-stand-turned-relationship, will soon be available for viewers outside the UK to watch. The season debuted on the UK's Channel 4 back in October, but it finally lands on Amazon Instant Video on April 8th.

April still feels far away

The show's first season deftly navigated the tricky waters that Rob (an American businessman) and Sharon (a woman living in London) found themselves in after a less-than-cautious one night stand left them with a baby on the way. Not much else happens, but it was Delaney and Horgan's ability to find comedy in the mundane that made Catastrophe worth watching the first time around. Let's hope the second season follows suit.

Amazon also announced the return and premiere dates of a few other shows today. Mad Dogs, a series about a group of 40-something friends on a road trip, will premiere on January 22nd, and the LAPD homicide drama Bosch will return for a second season on March 11th.