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You can now play Jeopardy with your Amazon Echo speaker

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Amazon's Echo speaker, with the voice-powered digital assistant Alexa, is good for setting kitchen timers, playing to music, and — of course — shopping on Amazon. You can add playing Jeopardy to that list after an update earlier this week. After enabling the new feature in the Echo's app settings, you can start a game by saying, "Alexa, start Jeopardy," and hear questions about pop culture, world history, and other categories. Remember to answer in the form of a question. Alongside Jeopardy, Amazon added the ability to skip audiobook chapters via the Amazon-owned Audible app using just your voice.

Echo and Alexa are becoming Amazon's increasingly powerful gateways into the smart home. The company's name was absent from booths and show floor spaces at CES last week, yet numerous companies from small startups to Ford announced Alexa integrations to bring voice control to appliances and automobiles. Amazon is also reportedly working on a smaller, portable version of the Echo that won't require it to be plugged in at all times like the current model.