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Twitter wants to let brands use your happy thoughts to sell products

Twitter wants to let brands use your happy thoughts to sell products

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Photo by Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Twitter wants to give brands access to its users' happy tweets about their products. The social media platform is rumored to be developing a way to give brands easy access to positive mentions about their products that can be turned into promotional campaigns, according to a report from Digiday. Participating advertisers would be able to cut through the online noise, with Twitter's help, to find positive conversations around their products. Once they've found these happy tweets, the advertisers can instantly DM the authors in order to request permission to share them in a campaign known as a "brand enthusiast gallery." The chosen tweets will supposedly appear below a standard brand ad, much like the carousel ads on the site now.

Twitter reportedly detailed the new option at CES this past week, but didn’t elaborate on how positive tweets would be identified. It’s unclear if humans will help or if the effort will rely solely on an automated process. This product would capitalize on the often legitimate recommendations made by Twitter users. But with that in mind, there wasn’t any clarification on how Twitter would differentiate real tweets from sarcastic ones. Around this time last year, Twitter considered upping its ad ratio to about 5 percent of the content viewed, or roughly one ad for every 20 tweets. The company wouldn't comment on the ad to tweet ratio it currently has in place or this new product offering.