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Bing’s speed test widget is a neat solution to a common search

Bing’s speed test widget is a neat solution to a common search

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When it comes to internet speed tests, it's now quicker to Bing than Google it. Microsoft is testing a new tool for its search engine, that brings up a widget showing your internet speed whenever you search — you guessed it — "speed test." It's a small feature that doesn't seem to be available everywhere (Verge staffers couldn't get it to work in the UK, for example, and there are mixed reports of it working on mobile devices), but it's fractionally quicker than having to click through to a website — and fractionally quicker does matter when it comes to search engines.

A smidgen faster than searching and clicking the first website that pops up

The widget gives you your IP address, latency, download speed, and upload speed, as well as a speed dial that looks similar to Microsoft's Network Speed Test app. A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed to VentureBeat that they were experimenting with the feature — but not a lot else. "We’re always testing new experiences for Bing, which includes the Speed Test experience," said the spokesperson. "We have nothing further to share at this time."

bing speed test tool
Bing's speed test widget.