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GM just trolled Tesla in the most subtle way possible


At NAIAS this week, GM released battery and motor specs for the upcoming Bolt EV. Reader's Digest version: 60 kWh battery, 200 horsepower. That's cool.

GM also released a new batch of press photos to go along with the announcement. Look at that photo above.

Now zoom in:

bolt tesla

That's the intersection outside Tesla's Palo Alto facility. GM literally used Bolt test mules to pull off a trollish drive-by photo opp of the industry's hottest electric car company.

Elon Musk loves a good, well-timed jab, and this is about as well-timed as they come: Musk is expected to unveil the Tesla Model 3, an affordable electric that'll compete with the Bolt, this March.

This isn't the first time GM has taken a shot at Tesla, and I get the sense that it won't be the last — the EV wars could get a lot more interesting before the dust settles.

Chevy Bolt An affordable electric car

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