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Relive SpaceX’s rocket landing with new Falcon 9 hype video

Set to the musical stylings of Incubus

No one enjoyed SpaceX's historic rocket landing more than SpaceX's employees. During a live stream of the December event, the majority of the company's workforce could be seen gathering around mission control, chatting excitedly amongst themselves about the mission to come. And when the company's Falcon 9 rocket finally landed vertically after traveling back from space, the cheers and yells of the crowd were deafening.

It captures how charged the SpaceX workforce was that day

A new video released by the company today fully captures how charged the SpaceX workforce was that day. Set to the tune of Incubus (yes, actually), the video shows clips of the nighttime mission, interspersed with footage of SpaceX employees waiting in rapt attention to see if their hard work would translate into success. After the rocket lands, they erupt into applause. People can be seen hugging or high-fiving each other; smiles are plastered on the faces of those in mission control. The footage shows just how big of a win the landing was for SpaceX, which had experienced a less than optimal year in 2015.

Ironically, the video feels a bit like the ones Blue Origin releases after the company experiences major rocket tests of its own. Perhaps we'll be seeing more clips like this when private spaceflight companies encounter success. If so, I'm totally okay with that.