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[How to] Sync solution for an Android Phone with Microsoft Outlook for Mac?


....yeah, not kidding.

In a world of tight and flawless ecosystem solutions, my dad somehow ended up with an Android phone (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact), a 5K iMac and still prefers the Microsoft Office Suite's Outlook for Mac to do his eMail, contacts and calendar.

Since so far he primarily uses his computer to do all of the above and hardly anything on his phone, everything is basically out of sync and there's no automated wireless solution in place. So he is in search of a smooth and wireless sync solution to keep it all together. Concerning eMail services, we have free choice since he's still using a mail service provided by his former ISP, which won't sync anything anyway, so we will replace this account with anything that works out best anyway, whether it's Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or whatever.

So with Outlook for Mac we have mail, contacts and calendar all in one place and preferably, all of those should be synced two way with the corresponding app(s) on his phone.

Any suggestions? Or would you go as far as to say that there's no way this will work if he keeps Outlook for Mac?