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Google's Nexus 5X gets price cut, now starts at $349

Google's Nexus 5X is now $30 cheaper than it was just a few days ago. The company has dropped the price of its smaller Nexus phone to $349 for the 16GB model and $399 for the 32GB version (which is the one you should really get). Google previously marked down the 5X for a special holiday sale, but a company spokesperson told The Verge that this price adjustment is permanent and not just a temporary promotion. Presumably, third-party resellers like Best Buy and B&H Photo will follow Google's lead in the near future and match the new MSRP.

The 5X was originally sold for $379 (16GB) and $429 (32GB). The revised pricing creates a slightly bigger gap between the 5X and the larger, more powerful Nexus 6P, which starts at $499 for 32GB — and now comes in gold. But the 5X remains a fine choice for someone who likes smaller phones and stock Android; it still includes the same fantastic camera, after all. You're just losing out on the faster processor, nicer display, and those great stereo front-facing speakers. But for under $400, those aren't the worst tradeoffs to make. Plus, $349 was the starting price of the original Nexus 5, so if the 5X is meant to be its successor, the cost parity makes total sense.