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A top GOP presidential candidate tried to hire the voice of Duke Nukem

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Maybe you saw on Twitter that Donald Trump attempted to hire the voice of Duke Nukem, Jon St. John, to be the advertising voice for his campaign. Well, that may be true. Or it may have been Ted Cruz.

In a Facebook post St. John wrote, "I don't like to turn down jobs...especially when it's a national ad campaign that pays pretty well. But I have a conscience and could not accept a gig to be the advertising voice of the Republican party's leading candidate for president. Thanks for the kind offer, but I will sleep just fine at night knowing I made a choice I can live with. Meanwhile I'm happy to be recording a new video game today."

A tweet by @killhouse_vanho assumed St. John was implying Donald Trump, the current top-ranked candidate in most polls.

But when contacted for comment, St. John clarified:

I should have written "a leading GOP candidate for president ".

It might have been Trump or Cruz. Either way, I would not have done it.

St. John most recently appeared in the controversial shooter Hatred and the underrated Rochard.

For those who have forgotten the infamous Duke Nukem 3D, here's a collection of Duke Nukem lines.