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Look at this wild 3D-printed pocket watch

Look at this wild 3D-printed pocket watch

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It's certainly not the most attractive watch you could carry around, but Christoph Laimer's new pocket watch has one very eye-catching distinction: it's almost entirely 3D printed. Laimer is an engineer — in Switzerland, naturally — and he's created what the watch site Hodinkee believes is the first fully functioning 3D-printed watch ever made. Laimer put together a video explaining how it works, and it's pretty hypnotic to sit through. (As in, the spinning is literally putting me to sleep.)

Hodinkee describes Laimer's work as a feat for 3D printing, but it points out that the watch still has its shortcomings. It's hand wound and only runs for 30 minutes, and it apparently doesn't keep time very well, either. On top of that, it's pretty huge for a pocket watch, measuring around 3.5 inches wide and tall. But the fact that Laimer could get a complex system like this working with 3D printed parts at all is impressive and proof of how 3D printing can be used for watchmaking.

Nearly the entirety of Laimer's watch relies on 3D printed parts — the only additional parts are metal screws, washers, and pins to hold it all together. He's put the entire design up on Thingiverse, so anyone with a 3D printer that's big and precise enough should be able to make their own or build on his work. Laimer was interviewed over at Hodinkee if you're interested in reading more.