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Go back to Hoth with this surprisingly great Star Wars fan film

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We're still about 12 months out until the next Star Wars film, the spinoff installment Rogue One, brings us back to the days of the original trilogy. If you're itching for some '80s-inspired nostalgia in the meantime, check out this Star Wars fan film from independent studio Blood Brother Cinema Co.

The nine-minute short film, called Rebel Scum, shows a meeting between a downed Rebel pilot and an injured member of the Galactic Empire after they cross paths on everyone's favorite icy war zone. It features some impressive costume work and a subzero snow-covered environment captured from an airfield in Alberta, Canada. The short also has great visual effects that don't rely on CGI, including a stop-motion AT-AT walker that looks like it belongs right in the Empire Strikes Back.

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