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Microsoft updates Bing logo as it reasserts commitment to search

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The "B" is now capitalized, the yellow has been dispatched in favor of a more readable green, and the ascending bird visible in the negative space has had its tail clipped. Say hello to the new Bing logo. Microsoft is set to reveal a new visual identity for its search service today, and it's given Advertising Age an early preview of what it will look like.

The current update is mostly a refinement of the logo introduced in late 2013, with Microsoft telling Ad Age that the changes were motivated by the desire to display well "across Windows devices and services." Rik van der Kooi, Microsoft's chief of search advertising, has also reiterated that the company is "all in on search" and working to expand Bing's reach and audience. The central piece to expanding that business will be Windows 10 — which Microsoft hopes will grow to more than a billion users by 2019 — whose Edge browser uses Bing by default. But there's also the recently updated Bing for iPhone app and a number of third-party partnerships including AOL and Amazon's Echo. The Bing logo isn't featured on many of these external avenues for Bing searches, but it's nice to see Microsoft paying attention to the little details.