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VSCO now has 30 million active users

VSCO, the company behind popular apps VSCO Cam, DSCO, and VSCO Film for Lightroom, announced today that it now has 30 million monthly active users across its platform. This is the first time that VSCO has revealed statistics of this sort, and the company says its number of accounts have grown 802 percent year over year. Images published to the platform are up 952 percent, and 5 billion images are viewed (or "consumed," in VSCO parlance) each month. VSCO says that 80 percent of its userbase is international, and that it's seen "explosive growth" in China in the past year.

Still, 30 million active users doesn't compare too favorably to the 400 million Instagram, the app most often compared to VSCO, reported back in September of last year, but it's still a significant number. In an interview with The Verge, CEO Joel Flory notes that the company is "growing and here to stay."

"Growing and here to stay."

Related to that, VSCO has also brought on a new COO, Bryan Mason, formerly of Adobe's Creative Cloud team. Mason worked on the business side of CC and managed the launch of the product. Prior to bringing Mason on board, Flory was acting as both CEO and COO.

With photo sharing apps shutting down seemingly every other day, VSCO's ability to grow and retain users is fairly unique. Recently, it's been focused on breaking out of its core feature of image editing and added more community-based tools to its flagship VSCO Cam app, and introduced DSCO, a stand-alone GIF creation app, a few months ago. Flory says that 2016 will bring more initiatives around "create, discover, and connect" which is the company's mantra going forward. What that means exactly will remain to be seen.