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Did Ben Carson just watch GoldenEye?

Did Ben Carson just watch GoldenEye?


Nuke the internet comments

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Presidential candidate and former brain surgeon Ben Carson must have trouble sleeping at night, because he evidently believes a technological apocalypse is coming. On stage tonight at the 6th Republican debate in South Carolina, Carson one-upped the belligerent rhetoric from his peers by warning about nuclear devices being exploded in "our exoatmosphere," terrorists with dirty bombs, and cyberattacks taking out electrical grids — all happening simultaneously. Someone please call Pierce Brosnan.

Of course, if the moderators at Fox Business decided to push back on any of that fantastical fear, they might have mentioned that squirrels are currently a larger threat to the electric grid than nukes.

I suspect though that Carson's dream of an electromagnetic pulse in the atmosphere was hopeful. Later in the debate, after rambling about not recognizing his country anymore, Carson turned his concern on internet comments. "Here's the real issue: Is this America anymore? Do we still have standards?", Carson said. "You cannot go five comments down without people calling each other names."

Comments! They're bad! They're ruining this country! Wouldn't it just be a shame if they were taken out by an EMP?

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