First Click: Which film should win the ‘meat parade’ for Best Picture?

January 15th, 2016


By now you’ve undoubtedly seen the nominations for the 2016 Oscar for Best Picture, right? Good. That means the promotional machine is working and the millions spent by studios to market their films during “oscar season” are hitting the mark.

George C. Scott famously refused the Best Actor award for his portrayal of General George S Patton at the 1971 Academy Awards, citing the "demeaning" politics involved and a ceremony he described as "a two-hour meat parade." And now that Lady Gaga has been nominated for the Best Original Song for "Till it Happens to You," a song she cowrote for The Hunting Ground, a literal meat parade is a distinct possibility when the 88th Academy Awards ceremony airs on February 28th.

What film should win the 2016 Best Picture Oscar?
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