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Slow Friday? Watch astronauts fix things in space for 6 and a half hours

Today's spacewalk starts at 7.55AM ET

I don't know what you've got on today, but if your schedule's not too busy, how about watching some people slowly and carefully doing manual labor in space? As part of its regular live streaming schedule, NASA will be broadcasting a spacewalk from the International Space Station by astronauts Tim Kopra and Tim Peake. The space agency's stream starts at 6.30AM ET, with the spacewalk itself scheduled to begin at 7.55AM ET and lasting for 6 and a half hours.

While you're lounging about on your sofa or bored at work, Peake and Kopra will be doing all the sort of space handiwork you'd expect astronauts to get up to. Installing a Non-Propulsive Vent or NPV? Oh you bet. How about removing and replacing a Sequential Shunt Unit? They've got you covered. And deploying cables for docking adaptors that will connect to spacecraft from commercial resupply missions? You better believe it. Basically, keep it locked space fans.