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The Omnibus trailer looks like Speed on speed

The Omnibus trailer looks like Speed on speed

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Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a video game called Omnibus about a bus that can't slow down "for reasons incomprehensible to the human mind." The bus is baby blue, just like the bus in Speed. There's no evidence Keanu Reeves is in the game, let alone Sandra Bullock. What do you do? Do you call Omnibus the closest video games have come to a Speed video game, even without having played the damn thing.

You shoot the hostage.

And after you shoot the hostage, you publish the Omnibus trailer, a faux-documentary riffing on the botched development of perpetually delayed video game Duke Nukem Forever. In the words of Howard Payne, "Interactive TV, Jack! Wave of the future — ha ha ha, huh?"