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Neil Patrick Harris will star in Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Jim Carrey brought us our first live-action taste of Count Olaf from A Series of Unfortuante Events, but Netflix's upcoming TV series adaptation is (thankfully) going in a different direction. None other than Neil Patrick Harris will take on the starring role. Who wouldn't think that Dr. Horrible could aptly take on the role of the villainous uncle who makes life miserable for the three Baudelaire orphans?

Harris confirmed the news on Twitter late Friday night, joking that he was "excitedish" for the role. He added — with an obvious nod to his child-acting roots — that it's "spending all day with those three horrible child actors that will be a challenge." The Hollywood Reporter first indicated that Harris would take the lead role in the series, which Netflix has already committed to for an entire season.

Author Daniel Handler, who wrote the original Unfortunate Events books under pen name Lemony Snicket, is executive producing the Netflix series. We've yet to see any official teasers for the series, but a very high-quality, fan-made trailer from this past summer certainly got everyone excited. A Series of Unfortunate Events has no premiere date yet.