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David Bowie gets his own constellation, a lightning bolt in the night sky

Davie Bowie will be remembered in the stardust. Belgian radio station Studio Brussel and American observatory MIRA partnered to register an entire constellation in memory of the late musician. Bowie fans can write Bowie memories and lyrics onto Google Sky digitization of the constellation, which is in the shape of the lightning bolt made iconic by the Aladdin Sane album cover.

"It was not easy to determine the appropriate stars," says MIRA Observatory employee Philippe Mollet. "Studio Brussels asked us to give Bowie a unique place in the galaxy. Referring to his various albums, we chose seven stars — Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132, and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis — in the vicinity of Mars. The constellation is a copy of the iconic Bowie lightning and was recorded at the exact time of his death."

The constellation is one of many David Bowie tributes from the past week. Comedian Fred Armisen gave a heartfelt speech on Saturday Night Live. Astronaut Chris Hadfield sent his love from space. Concerts and memorials sprung up across London, where the artist was born and raised. Expect to see more tributes in the coming weeks and months.