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Ghostface Killah wants to get vapers high with new Wu Goo

Ghostface Killah wants to get vapers high with new Wu Goo


'One hit is enough.'

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The vape boom is only growing. Ghostface Killah and fellow Wu-Tang member Killah Priest are currently working on a line of THC vape cartridges they've dubbed Wu Goo, shit so good "one hit is enough." And to promote the product, the pair have released a new video that's also the craziest infomercial you'll see all day.

Ghostface (who'll henceforth be known as Ghostvape) and Killah Priest teamed up with California-based vape company Dynamite Stix to produce the Wu Goo hash oil. I reached out to Dynamite Stix this afternoon, and a representative confirmed that the duo have been collaborating with the company for a few months and that sales have been great in the weeks since Wu Goo's debut. If anything, Ghost is jumping in at the right moment. Wu Goo's launch may not have made as much of a splash as The Weeknd's collaboration with Pax Labs, but judging from the official Instagram account, people are excited:

Wu Goo comes in a variety of flavors, including Pineapple Coconut (which Ghost personally vouches for). But be forewarned: the rapper promises that Wu Goo will "fuck with your mind like Voodoo." In one of his trademark stories, Ghost says that one hit had a friend naked in Carl's, Jr. with his gun out. Now, anyone who's been there knows that's not a great spot to wind up in. Smoke responsibly.

Corrections 5:30pm ET: An earlier version of this piece had a headline saying that Wu Goo is synthetic weed. That was incorrect. We've changed the headline, and regret the error.