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Twitter goes down in widespread outage

Twitter goes down in widespread outage


If you can still see Twitter right now the rest of us got raptured

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Twitter is down for the count at the moment, with the service apparently suffering widespread problems on both mobile and desktop. The company confirmed on its status blog at 03:44AM ET that "some users are currently experiencing problems accessing Twitter," and that it's "working towards a resolution." Trying to access the network over the web just returns the standard "something is technically wrong" error screen, and the service is also suffering outages on apps and software like TweetDeck. So far the world doesn't seem to have ended because of the outage, but without Twitter working, who would know if it had?

Update January 19th, 2:10PM ET: Twitter says this morning's issue was due to "an internal code change," which has since been reverted. Twitter seems to be downplaying the outage, saying that the code led to "intermittent" errors that impacted "some users." The issues persisted for about six hours.