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Starbucks lets you save its in-house jams to your Spotify account


A new feature on Starbucks' mobile app will let customers identify songs playing in-store and save them directly to their Spotify account. The update is part of the coffee chain's multi-year partnership with Spotify, and aims to sign up new users for the music streaming service, as well as encourage interest in Starbucks' standalone app. Users of the app will be able to access weekly playlists, read updates on "established and emerging artists," and favorite the tracks they like to "influence future Starbucks playlists." All this functionality will be rolling out today for the company's 7,500-odd US stores, although there's no word on future expansion internationally.

You can now save songs from Starbucks' mobile app to your Spotify account. (Image credit: Starbucks)

It's an interesting evolution in Starbucks' longstanding use of music as part of its brand. The company first started selling CDs in its stores all the way back in 1994 (the first album sold was apparently by Kenny G), and even established its own record label, Hear Music, and signed acts including Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, and James Taylor. The coffee chain stopped selling CDs in March last year, but not long after it announced its partnership with Spotify. These latest updates may not be very revolutionary, but they do strengthen ties between the two brands, as well as giving you a pretty good reason to use the Starbucks app in the first place.