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Denon won't support Google Cast in its speakers after all

Over a year after the partnership was announced, with no hardware to show for it

When Google Cast was announced last year during CES, Google partnered with LG, Sony, and Denon to launch the first wave of Google Cast-enabled speakers. While LG and Sony have offered up speakers supporting Google Cast, Denon hasn't, and today it became clear that it won't support Google Cast at all.

In a tweet to a customer today, Denon Europe said that it had decided with Google to halt the integration due to different product approaches. "Unfortunately, due to differing product approaches, both companies have decided not to move forward with the integration at this time," @DenonUK tweeted. The Verge has independently confirmed that Google and Denon have decided not to move forward with their partnership.

While Denon may not be adopting Google Cast for its products at this time, Google isn't slowing down its expansion of its audio platform. B&O Play, Harman/Kardon, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer, and Raumfeld were announced as new Google Cast partners during CES 2016.