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Tell the New York legislature how you really feel about this smartphone encryption bill

Photo by Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

New York assemblyman Matthew Titone thinks all smartphones sold in his state should have a backdoor into them, allowing for mandatory access into users’ devices for law enforcement. Every manufacturer must create phones like this under the bill, and if they don't, the state will fine them $2,500 for each sold smartphone.

Titone doesn’t offer an explanation of how the bill would be enforced or enacted, especially considering that Apple, for one, currently can't subvert users’ passcodes to access their devices. Would the company have to create smartphones specifically for New Yorkers? The bill doesn't look likely to pass, although it was reintroduced earlier this month, possibly putting it up for discussion this year. While New Yorkers wait to hear more, all internet citizens can tell Titone and the rest of the assembly their thoughts here.

There were 32 comments at the time of publishing, most of which call the bill a dumb one. Here’s a sampling of some thoughts:

Go ahead, let Titone know what you think.