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Five planets will align in the predawn sky tomorrow, awakening Titans and office workers alike


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

It must be time to unleash the Titans: five of the planets in our Solar System will align diagonally in the predawn night sky starting tomorrow morning. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible with the naked eye starting January 20th and lasting until about February 20th.

The last time a planetary party like this happened was in 2005. It's also slated to happen again later this year in August. Unfortunately, these are the only planets that can ever get together like this. Neptune and Pluto are too far away to ever be seen without a telescope, and Uranus can only sometimes be seen in the middle of a dark sky without any help.

The last time a planetary party like this happened was in 2005

While the full planetary alignment will only show up just before dawn, the event will get started long before that. Jupiter will rise first in the evening; Mars makes its debut at midnight; and then Saturn, Venus, and Mercury appear respectively, according to Even if the weather’s too cloudy tomorrow, you’ll have a month’s worth of mornings to gaze upon this splendiferous sight.

But don't be fooled by the pretty lights. The Earth is now susceptible to Hades' dastardly plot on Mount Olympus. Hopefully, Hercules feels like being a hero this month.