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Why wait for VW's new electric Microbus when you can have this classic instead?

Why wait for VW's new electric Microbus when you can have this classic instead?

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RM Sotheby's

In the never-ending automotive auction circuit, every event has a handful of stand-out cars that immediately catch your eye — which is particularly impressive when you consider that automotive auctions are, in their essence, nothing but stand-out cars. Enthusiasts and collectors will be descending on Phoenix and Scottsdale later this month for a number of high-dollar events, and as new generations of millionaires and billionaires get into the swing of collecting, sale prices for rare classic models are reaching new heights.

Take RM Sotheby's Phoenix auction, for instance, taking place on January 28th and 29th. And sure, as usual, there's an assortment of rare Ferraris that could possibly set records, but there's also this adorable 1967 Volkswagen Microbus of the prized 21-window variety — the upscale variant, and the very last year it was made. The 47-horsepower air-cooled engine isn't going to get you anywhere very quickly, but who's in a rush? Slow down, take in the warm rays of the sun through those many, many little skylights.

The coveted 21-window model

This example is described as "highly original" but restored, which is apparent from the flawless photos. There's no reserve price on the auction, but it'll still sell for good money: 21-window Microbuses in good condition can command six figures, and considering the white-hot market, seven figures probably isn't out of the question these days.

Still, if you've IPO'd or won the lottery recently and you're looking for the most baller way possible to head to the beach with two surfboards strapped to the roof, look no further. For the rest of us, there's always Volkswagen's electric Microbus revival that's rumored for CES this week.