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Samsung is sticking a massive touchscreen on its next smart fridge

Samsung is sticking a massive touchscreen on its next smart fridge

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Samsung is well-known for having some crazy ideas about how to integrate technology into people's lives, and CES is undoubtedly ground zero for the strangest of them. It's also well-known for big advertising blitzes, and so out in the public, main hallway at CES you will find huge banners advertising a new smart fridge with a massive screen.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was just a Photoshop gone wrong, because it sure looks like a standard smart fridge with a huge smartphone pasted over one of the doors. It even has the Android-style capacitive buttons on the bottom. (It's not clear whether the fridge uses Android, Tizen, or some other operating system.) Hopefully Samsung isn't actually taking a user interface designed for 5-inch devices and slapping it onto your refrigerator door.

Pictures of Samsung's smart fridge with a massive touchscreen


From the looks of it, this new smart fridge has similar capabilities to its other models released over the past couple of years. You'll be able to make grocery lists, read news, listen to music, and leave digital Post-It note reminders. It also looks like there's now voice input, if you like talking to your fridge. There might be other features for tracking what is (and isn't) in the ice box and for keeping tabs on expiration dates — those are all software tricks Samsung has shown off before. Presumably, there are some other surprises in store — a screen featuring "Groceries by MasterCard" says that you can "Browse & Buy" and it also has Pandora, calendar, and weather prominently featured.

We'll have more details when Samsung officially announces this thing next week as CES kicks off, but if pricing of earlier models is anything to go off of, expect something in the $4,000 range.

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