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Nancy Drew is back, grown up, and not white

Nancy Drew is back, grown up, and not white

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Nancy Drew may be growing up. CBS has ordered a pilot for a new TV series based on the character, The Wrap reports, but rather than portray her as the teenage sleuth she's been in books, movies, and previous shows, the network intends its Nancy to be a detective for the NYPD in her 30s. If the show, simply titled Drew, makes it to full series it will follow the older Nancy as she uses her observational skills to solve crimes in the modern day.

Jezebel reports that in addition to being older, the re-imagined Nancy is likely to be played by a woman of color, a departure from the white actresses chosen to play the role in the past — most recently by Emma Roberts in 2007's Nancy Drew movie. Glenn Geller, president of CBS, said he would be "open to any ethnicity," but Variety says the character will not be Caucasian.

While she might be better known for solving mysteries about old clocks rather than cracking people trafficking rings or investigating grisly street homicides, it won't be the first time Nancy Drew has gone through a character revision. Since her introduction in 1930, Drew has appeared as both a 16-year old high schooler and an 18-year old graduate, and has cracked a variety of cases, from vanishing veils to drug dealings. CBS has yet to confirm when the pilot will make it to air, but Joan Rater and Tony Phelan — previously showrunners on Grey's Anatomy — will write the script.