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Watch the beautiful nightmare of ads invading your dreams

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Every advertiser wants to get under people's skin and communicate with their basest desires. But no advertiser has ever done it quite so unnervingly as this short video from the Dutch Studio Smack. It deconstructs all of the famous branding implements used by Coca-Cola and recompiles them in a series of subtle, subversive hints reminding us of the brand. There's the snow-white polar bear, the familiar curvaceous white lines on a crimson background, and all those delicious bubbles. It's meant to represent a dystopian future where we might have "branded dreams," and its most frightening aspect is that it's actually rather gorgeous and, without ever mentioning the brand in question, conveys an overwhelmingly positive impression of it.

Before you hit play, make sure to put a pair of headphones on. The sound design is just as excellent as the disquieting visuals.