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Fake hoverboards are stealing LG and Samsung’s logos and the feds are seizing them

As more reports of exploding, counterfeit hoverboards come out, the feds seem to be making an attempt to stop the boards before they make it to market. The most recent case: a crackdown on $94,000 worth of fake boards in Miami.

$94,000 worth of fake hoverboards

As the Sun Sentinel reports, US Customs and Border Protection recently seized about 300 boards after they made it to the Port of Miami from China. According to CBP, the hoverboards had fake LG trademarks on their batteries. (Some hoverboards appear to be catching fire because of low-quality batteries.)

It's not the only recent case of CBP cracking down on smuggled boards. Along with some smaller seizures, Customs said last month that it uncovered a $171,000 shipment of 445 hoverboards in the Port of Norfolk, Virginia. Those boards had batteries manufactured in China and marked with a counterfeit Samsung trademark.

Last month, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that it was investigating reports of fires in hoverboards.