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The Hermès Apple Watch collection will be available online this Friday

Starting at $1,100

If you wanted to get your hands on the Hermès Apple Watch since it was released in October, you'd have to be near a select group of Apple Stores, Hermès boutiques, or high-end department stores like Maxfield. But beginning this Friday, the collection will be available to purchase on Hermès and Apple's websites, as first reported by Fashionista, and independently confirmed to The Verge by sources close to Apple.

Apple's partnership with Hermès was the first major partnership Apple has entered with one of its main products in years as it attempts to ingratiate the Apple Watch with the fashion world. Whether it has worked or not is still up in the air, as Apple has not released any sales numbers for the Apple Watch. The Hermès Apple Watch collection ranges from $1,100 up to $1,500, and is available with three bands; the Single Tour, Double Tour, and Cuff.