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Exclusive: T-Pain talks about how technology and apps have changed music

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T-Pain's been working with Apple to promote GarageBand, so we swung by his house to talk with him about the new version. In addition to showing us how to use the updated app, we sat down with T-Pain to talk about how technology has shaped his own career and the current state of music.

"Let it stream, man."

One of the more surprising things T-Pain admits to is not caring about revenue from streaming services like Spotify. Though many musicians have loudly complained about the lack of money they bring in, T-Pain focuses on the other ways they can help. "If you got more streams, maybe your show prices can go up?" he says. "Your revenue will come from different places due to the amount of streams you have. Let it stream, man."

Our conversation touches on T-Pain's use of music apps to the way he's strategizing new releases for digital distribution. For more from T-Pain on GarageBand, you can see how he uses the app in the video below.