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Netflix is making a cyberpunk detective series

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Netflix is working on a new TV series about a gruff detective, a troubling femme-fatale, and a mysterious murder — a pretty stock noir setup, if it weren't also set 500 years in the future. The series is based on Altered Carbon, a cyberpunk detective novel from author Richard K. Morgan. It's set in a world where human consciousness is regularly transferred from one body to the next; this particular story focuses on a former soldier whose newest body gets him wrapped up in big conspiracy and someone else's love life.

An initial 10-episode season is planned based off a script by showrunner Laeta Kalogridis, who wrote the screenplay for Shutter Island and co-wrote Terminator Genisys. Netflix intends to produce an additional 150 hours of programming this year — 600 hours in total, up from last year's 450 hours — so you can expect to see it picking up new shows and ordering new seasons of existing shows at a rapid pace. Altered Carbon's main character is the star of several other novels by Morgan, so if the show succeeds, it'll have plenty of additional material work from in season two.