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Hey kids, tweeting won’t get you a snow day

Hey kids, tweeting won’t get you a snow day


Get out of the weatherman's DMs

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Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Chattanooga, Tennesee's WTVC News Channel 9 has one message for the kids in its coverage area, and that message is "Leave us alone, you're going to school. Well, probably. We don't actually know or care because it's not our decision."

Now that winter has officially descended, and snow is gracefully falling by the elegant truckload onto our homes, roads, and hair, some school-aged children are hoping to be rewarded with a snow day. Rewarded for what? For believing.

Snow days come to those who tweet

When I was a child, we guaranteed snow days by sleeping with our pajamas inside out and placing a spoon under our pillows. It's a tried and true method, but apparently the kids of Chattanooga are too "Gen Z" for that. They would rather send direct messages to their local news station on Twitter and try to con its weather people into canceling school.

WTVC wishes that kids would give the protocol of civilized society a chance.

I'm not sure who to side with, being an adult who no longer benefits from snow days, as well as an insecure social media manager who doesn't really care for a small cable news station having a funnier Twitter than I. In the end I guess I hope we all get to stay home from everything forever, and that someone makes me hot chocolate.