Fender’s earphones are so pretty they inspired me to make art


If it's silly to care what headphones look like, then it's doubly so to give a damn about the aesthetics of in-ear monitors. But, guilty as charged, I care about the looks of Fender's newly introduced earphones. They're just ridiculously pretty. The first attraction for many will be the name itself, Fender, which is legendary among guitar music enthusiasts. No lesser names than Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Buddy Holly have used Fender's Stratocaster to craft their musical masterpieces. So it's going to be at least a little bit cool when, come March, we'll be able to plug in to a piece of audio equipment that bears the same gloried brand (without needing to, you know, learn to play the guitar).

Even the cheapest of these new Fender in-ear monitors looks great, with a translucent design that lets you peek at the audio engineering within. The pricier models switch to a chunkier, opaque shell, but they retain a classy sophistication that is totally worthy of bearing the Fender name. Alas, Fender has reserved the nicest red and gold colorways for the earphones that cost $399 and $499, respectively. So no, I won't be rushing out to buy a pair just yet, however I'm certainly curious to hear if they sound as good as their name and appearance suggest. Plus, I was inspired to create a little Photoshop homage. Scroll down to the bottom for it.


DXA1 Pro, $99

8.5mm titanium driver, easy to drive with a smartphone, 18dB noise reduction rating, detachable cable, translucent gray.


FXA2 Pro, $199

Designed for bassists and drummers with a custom 9.25mm "precision rare-earth driver," 22dB noise reduction, same detachable cable, available in metallic blue or metallic black.


FXA5 Pro, $299

Dual balanced armature array, 22dB noise reduction, detachable cable, available in metallic silver or metallic black.


FXA6 Pro, $399

Combines a single balanced armature tweeter with a 9.25mm dynamic driver, 22dB noise reduction, detachable cable, available in metallic red or metallic black.


FXA7 Pro, $499

Combines a pair of balanced armature tweeters with a 9.25mm driver, 22dB noise reduction, detachable cable, available in metallic gold or metallic black.


Love, priceless