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Making a Murderer creators answer critics in Twitter Q&A

Making a Murderer creators answer critics in Twitter Q&A

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For all of the accolades the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer has received since it aired last month, there's been a strong dissenting voice.

The show documents the trials of Steven Avery, who was exonerated of a sexual assault while in prison, only to later be charged for the murder of a woman named Teresa Halbach. Making a Murderer chronicles the missteps of local police, and makes a powerful argument that the justice system failed Avery not once, but twice.

But critics of the show have accused the creators of building a one-sided representation of the case. In particular, they say, the documentarians failed to properly give time to relevant evidence. They point to DNA evidence under the hood of Halbach's car, recent comments by Avery's ex-fiancee about Avery's guilt, and statements alleging that Avery had an unhealthy obsession with Halbach before she was killed.

In a series of tweets published yesterday, the creators of Making a Murderer, Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, attempted to answer some of those questions.

On "misconceptions" about the show:

On whether they set out to prove Avery's innocence:

On evidence that was left out:

On accusations from Avery's ex-fiancee:

On alleged complaints about Avery:

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